Who We Are

Our Approach

Our approach is to be responsive in all aspects of our work, to deliver high quality projects in a safe manner, employing the latest technology and innovative techniques. We do this by building long term relationships with our customers and continuously plan and communicate throughout the project lifecycle; from virtual design, to pre-fabrication, to in-house commissioning, and with 24-hour emergency service. We ensure the end user is our top priority.

At the core of our values is a belief that the only way to design and build the right system is to forge a true trade partner with our customers. We employ Lean construction techniques, and leverage innovative technologies, such as Virtual Design Construction (VDC) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) across the lifecycle of each mechanical system, to deliver the most quality and cost effective solutions on every project, every time.

Responsiveness and quality are vital elements to any successful mechanical installation. Our 50,000 sf, advanced fabrication facility employs the latest technology for quality and production efficiency. F+F's ability to pre-fabricate complex piping systems combined with offering sheet metal and custom metal fabrication increases efficiency on all our projects. We provide the unique benefit of sole source responsibility for piping, and sheet metal coordination, fabrication, and installation. The result is seamless coordination of design, tight control over schedule, and ready supplies of materials for our projects.