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Hamden Town Hall   Hamden Town Hall
LEED® Silver Certification pending

Hamden Memorial Town Hall & Police Headquarters
Hamden, CT

Designed to encourage a more viable town center, the renovation of the Hamden Town Hall and Police Headquarters created a new 55,000 sf structure that provides the Town with a central location for the Legislative Council, the Office of Emergency Management, the Fire Department and the Hamden Police Department. In addition, it provides employees and visitors with access to additional parking via a new 2 level parking garage. The new facility is designed to maximize energy efficiency and will seek LEED Silver designation. To accomplish this the building features energy recovery systems, a rainwater harvesting system, and solar domestic hot water heaters. In addition, the building is heated by a new boiler room with combination gas/oil dual fuel burners that are adjacent to a 10,000 gallon double wall fiberglass underground fuel oil storage tank. An air cooled chiller provides air-conditioning to the renovated facility. The new boilers and the chiller feed a four pipe distribution system that serve energy recovery air handling units with wheel and plate heat exchangers. Variable volume air handlers include an economizer cycle for free cooling during colder times of the year.

Construction Manager: A.P. Construction
Architect: Bianco Giolotto Westin Architects, LLC
Mechanical Engineer: Legnos and Cramer
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