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cesar batalla
CBC Project Team Award 2007 – Award of Merit

Cesar Batalla Elementary School

Bridgeport, CT

The Cesar A. Batalla Elementary school is housed in a 150,000 sf, two story building serving over 1,000 pre-k-8 students in Bridgeport. The school was designed to organize classroom space in to grade related neighborhoods. Each separate neighborhood is connected to a corridor that provides access to a main lobby and common spaces including the gymnasium, cafeteria and the media center. This project was awarded an Award of Merit Project Team Award in 2007 by the Connecticut Building Congress. The HVAC unit installed included an ice storage system that reduces the electrical load by cooling the building with ice created during off peak hours. The closed loop system recycles water, requires little maintenance, and is completely automated.

Construction Manager: O&G Industries
Architect: Fletcher Thompson
Mechanical Engineer: Fletcher Thompson
  Performance Through Leadership & Technology